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Reliable septic tank cleaning work

On average, septic tank systems require pumping and cleaning every one to three years. Keep your system functioning properly by requesting service from Draintech Inc today. We are licensed and insured for your protection.

Enjoy personal attention from a family owned business.

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Avoid septic system failure with preventative cleanings

Because septic tanks are full of sludge and gray water, they don't drain as easily as other systems and require regular dumping to function properly. Avoid the clogged leach lines, contaminated soil, and leach failure caused by septic tank neglect by requesting a full-service cleaning from Draintech Inc.


In addition to routine maintenance, Draintech Inc offer 24/7 emergency services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Request service today!

Maintain all your systems easily

Septic cleaning services

 -  Septic tank cleaning

 -  Septic tank inspections

 -  Tank locating service

 -  Hydro flushing

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